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Removing Acne skin Advances

Removing Acne skin Advances

When you hear the word acne, which is always pictured in our heads is adolescence, where the amount of acne on the face is directly proportional to the amount girlfriend owned. Is this true? or is just a myth. In fact many feel stress if you have a lot of pimples scattered on the face. In addition to making the face becomes brighter, also can make a dull face and raised black spots. Get rid of acne is not an easy matter because acne is easy to grow at puberty a young woman or man. However, as we age the acne will disappear by itself. But there are also the majority of people who still have acne into adulthood.
This time I will share some of the car to remove acne, a teenager at the time I also had a lot of acne on the face. however, due to the development of the information is still slow so I know how powerful tidah eliminate acne. Just rely on television advertising product that was not also able to get rid of acne. then after my studying health sciences in college and find a solution how to get rid of acne. I opted to share that sister - the sister who was enjoying adolescence are not hampered by the presence of acne and to get rid of acne on his face.
How to get rid of acne
1. Aloe vera juice
Aloe vera juice contains a lot of vitamin A and E are good for skin health kita.Cara remove acne using aloe vera is quite easy. Take a piece of aloe vera-sized, then rinse using clean water. After that cut and discard the skin (remove only part gel contained therein). Puree the aloe vera gel and apply a mask on your face. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse using clean water.
Do this about 1 hour before bedtime for 3 times a week, do not do it excessively because it would be bad for our skin.

2. Wash your face 2 times a day
Diligently washing your face can reduce oil production in the face read our previous article on how to remove the oil on the face. Thus making it difficult acne-causing bacteria to multiply. You should be more frequent when encuci wakah there everyday activity is always associated with dust and dirt. so every run back from class or work do not forget to wash your face. Washing your face too often can make your skin dry and unhealthy. Him just enough, ablution 5 times a day good for our skin because when ablution not rinse the face using soap so skin remains healthy.
Make sure that before you have to sleep with a clean wash your face, because the bacteria that cause acne easily develop if your face is covered by cosmetics. For man is not a problem, but for women who often use cosmetics.

3. Adequate rest and regular
Lack of rest can make the body's weakened immune system so vulnerable to disease. Similarly, the bacteria that cause acne are attached to the face easily proliferate when the immune system is reduced. See sajaorang who often stay up until 1 am and 2 nights will have a wrinkled face and easy breakouts. Instead compared to people who sleep more quickly and wake up in the morning has a smooth face and bright. Therefore as much as possible we get enough rest, do not let alone excessive.

4. Treatment using saliva
This treatment may seem strange and disgusting, but the fact that many who have done it and managed to get rid of acne within 2-3 days. I also often take ari little spit to rub in part covered by acne. Results a few days later the pimple to deflate by itself and does not swell much less purulent.
The explanation that turns the saliva is the most potent agent in killing bacteria, is evidenced by the case of bleeding in the mouth such as the tongue and gums will bleed usually only a few moments. After that it will heal by itself. It is also usually done by some kind of animal to heal itself. Do not be disgusted because it is your own saliva, anyways do not need a lot just 1 drop of just smeared your acne.

5. Laser Treatment
Laser treatment to remove acne fastest way but it took a very high cost. Maybe this way is widely used by the artist so that they have smooth skin. Try to contact a dermatologist who specializes in laser treatment of the problem.

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