Saturday, October 26, 2013

Curtains can be hung on windows to offer you protection from the sun and to make your homes more comfortable and cosy. Designer curtains help in making your home look elegant and stylish and a variety of fabrics can be used for making them.

Natural linen fabrics are known to create an elegant and alluring look which helps in adding a touch of style to your home. Any and all rooms in your home can be adorned with a curtain and a well designed curtain not only keeps your room cool and comfortable but also blends with the other d├ęcor in your room. Living as well as bedrooms can be decorated with curtain fabric and decorators or interior designers can also be engaged to help you in making your home look beautiful. Use of linen fabric is known to create an aesthetic appeal which is natural in appearance and also appears very regal. Curtains can be custom made to suit the measurements of your windows and also can be chosen in a shade and color of your choice. A wide range of fabric are available for curtains to be made from and designer curtains are also available that are affordable and inexpensive.

Warsa, Ilse and Emmi natural, Olle, Klara, Irene, Amalia-Oatmeal, Astrid, Wen and Ebba are among the leading choice of linen fabric available that can be tailored into a curtain. Each of these fabrics are available in different dimensions and this must be noted while selecting a curtain to ensure they fit the dimensions required for the window at your home. While some linen fabric is versatile and light in nature, others are heavy and hence linen curtains must be chosen based on your requirement. Areas of your home that receive direct sunlight can be decorated with heavy linen fabric and those that require light shades can be adorned with light linen curtains. Linen fabric is prone to shrink once washed and this must be factored in while tailoring the curtain to suit the dimensions of your window. Embroidered details can also be incorporated into natural linen fabric to be used for making designer curtains.

White and beige shades of linen material are also available which can be used for making designer curtains which are personalized and made as per the required measurements. Ivory and off white colours are also available and are a popular choice in linen fabric. They help in creating a warm look and can also be used to create a contrast in a room with bright coloured walls. Upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of colours and textures and are heavy in nature. These designer curtains often weigh quite a lot but are however very pretty in appearance and most of them are machine washable and this helps in maintaining them easily by washing them regularly. Patterned fabric has a variety of designs ranging from diamantes to dots and leaves and help in adding an element of texture in the designer curtains.


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